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Aug 22, 2020

Melody 1: C E♭ G F G
Melody 2: C E♭ G F G C G F C
Chords: C7 C7 C7 C7 C7 F7 F7 C7 C7 G7 F7 C7 C7
Bass: CCC_C_CCC_
Bass synchronizes with measure after 3 repetitions (4 measures) by resting 2 8th notes.
Bass variation: CCF_C_CCC_ used once on measure 10
Hi hat: 8 open 2 open 1 closed 5 open


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Drum Attack 2

A quick piece of code for you and a bit of computer synthesized drums for you.

import itertools
a = list(itertools.product('^ox', repeat=8))
print(''.join([''.join(x) for x in a[:1000]]))

Drum Attack 2 output

Drum Attack 2 FLAC [501MB] torrent [magnet]
Drum Attack 2 16th notes midi
Drum Attack 2 8th notes midi
Drum Attack 2 sample FLAC
Drum Attack 2 sample Ogg Vorbis

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Unfortunate List

July 28, 2015

Update July 29, 2015


My research into polynomials has led to a 3x3 captcha solver today. It's very fast. My next attempt will be a 6x6 captcha solver.

4:39 PM - 29 Jul 2015

Rather than discuss something important or release something interesting, I thought I'd release a piece of non-music audio for the purpose of demonstrating a new breakthrough I've made in sample production and artificial intelligence research. I have automated the process of creating samples based on polynomials. It's a very streamlined process which has produced the below samples. They aren't meant to be musical, so don't complain. Also their volume is way too high so you should turn down your volume before listening to them.

Each are 6 minutes long and it's pretty obvious what the theme is. It doesn't change drastically. That's because it's not music. What is shows is a simple algorithm.

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Drums 2

Oct 22, 2013

Tonight I practiced drums until I felt like I could fairly easily reproduce all patterns given to me by my instructor at low speed. Some of them I can do at full speed (which for me is around 100-120 bpm). Of course not everyone agrees that full speed is 100-120 bpm, but that's another discussion. Tomorrow when I take my second drum lesson, I should be past the eighth note feet and the first beginning rudiments. I recorded the practice with arecordmidi (alsa's command-line midi recorder) and Rosegarden. If I clean these up or perhaps after my next review of those beats, I should have a handful of very good rock beats. I have seen these beats repeatedly in Rock Band songs because they are so common to rhythm. I've decided to do 2 hours of lessons in November despite planning a long vacation around Thanksgiving.

So I decided to spend a few minutes recording a quick jam, kinda like the ones I've been doing at the EMP. I only recorded for 4 minutes (a song at most) but I spent a lot of time listening to it. I decided to quantize it to 16th notes (something I can totally do but not totally reliably) and listen to it. It's a lot better than the original in many respects. The rhythm really comes together and the worst part about it is that the quantizing will cause there to be gaps that drop the beat for a short bit. That can be fixed really easily. Then I quantized to 8th notes (something I am quite good at now, but am still working on) and it turned out really good. There are the rests which make the rhythm drop from time to time, but if you only listen for things you like, you get a quite reasonable drum session. There are different sections and no single rhythm last more than a few measures. That's by design. I don't want people to think of my beats as being regular. Of course there's rhythm to be maintained which is why I have a pretty steady backbeat with the hi-hat and snare for many parts. What I was really exercising was my control over choice of rhythm, bass variety, and breaking the tempo. Why would I want to change the rhythm rapidly? I'm trying to give the listener something to distract them. They aren't going to get a steady beat from me. Of course part of art is being able to do anything and choosing to do something you want to do. So that's why I'm practicing and taking lessons. Once I can keep a beat and mess around, I will make some pretty crazy stuff. Until then you are stuck with this. Since I want to conserve disk space on my server, I'm not making flac or mp3 available, just Ogg Vorbis and midi. Let me know if you'd like either of the other formats and I'll post them. As usual, these files are available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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