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My 3D art is improving as well. I made a low resolution polar bear from a photo. While it isn't much, it's the techniques that are the step forward. Learn to use your tools, then they can build for you.

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If you're curious about AltSci or any of these blog posts ask me a question. I am happy to answer even if your question is difficult.


Learning to Read and Write Kanji Row 5

I've been learning Japanese again. Along with youtube videos, anime, manga, visual novels, I've been using the same idea I came up with long ago to strengthen my kanji. I wrote some new software pretty quickly (which I intend to publish in the near future) and have gotten past Row 5. To show my progress, see the test below and the list of kanji is available below as well.

Kanji test

校 今 英 屋 下 左 新 入 紙 川 手 作 語 五 聞 食 買 六 方 古 本 名 車 書

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New Wave from NPR


NPR made a questionable list of New Wave1 songs. Rather than having you search for each of them and playing them on youtube (what a pain it is to do that), you can play this playlist I made. Bonus, I linked to all the wikipedia pages for the songs (and where there are no song pages, I note ...

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4th Copper Tape Circuit

Dec 3, 2020

4th Copper Tape Circuit Video

Fourth try is a charm. For a while now I’ve been trying to learn how to make cheap and quick copper tape circuits as described briefly in Bunnie’s 2018 Toorcamp Keynote talk where he discusses the elements for electronics development that has so far provided him with much success. Toorcamp ...

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1970s from NME

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