Learning to Read and Write Kanji Row 5

I've been learning Japanese again. Along with youtube videos, anime, manga, visual novels, I've been using the same idea I came up with long ago to strengthen my kanji. I wrote some new software pretty quickly (which I intend to publish in the near future) and have gotten past Row 5. To show my progress, see the test below and the list of kanji is available below as well.

Kanji test

校 今 英 屋 下 左 新 入 紙 川 手 作 語 五 聞 食 買 六 方 古 本 名 車 書

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NLP Lecture 1

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AltSci Kanji Classifier

Mar 21, 2017

learn_kanji-0.4.tar.xz [sig]

This blog is a continuation of this blog post which is a pretty good mix of technical and creative projects that this blog was originally written for. If you look at some of the way-way-back posts you'll see some of the things I've thought about and tried to work on from this perspective.

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Natural Language in Small Wide World

Sept 1, 2016

Yesterday I published a small piece of software to Small Wide World's git to very little fanfare. It was a generalization of a bad piece of software I wrote the day before. It uses NLTK to perform a simple task: parse a simple sentence which follows the form "subject verb object" with optional additional information starting with "because". Examples of this grammar include:

GnuPG is software
IRC is a protocol
software implements a protocol
Javantea is human
AI3 is software
Javantea wrote AI3
Javantea writes software
Javantea writes English
Javantea reads German
Javantea reads Japanese
Javantea reads Portuguese
Javantea reads Spanish

nlp1.py creates this graph of the relationships:

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