Photos of Berlin, DE on New Years

New Years is a special holiday for Berlin. Parties are quite numerous and the number of fireworks set off must be incredible. I have 2 videos of the midnight fireworks at Unter den Linden at Videos.

I wrote the last code for my SSH Bruteforce Virus and uploaded it to my site. This was important to me because I cared a lot about the Virus for this trip. I had planned to release it at the 24C3, but I was incredibly ill during the 24C3, so I could barely type a line of code.

It snowed Jan 1st and you can see it was a nice thin layer. That was the start of a cold snap that made it unbearable to go outside for a few days. Though it was 0°ree;C the windchill which pierced even my capeline made it much colder.

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Photos of Berlin, DE before 24C3 around Christmas

My favorite Weinachten Markt

Christmas in Berlin is known as Weinachten. It's a festive time where people hang out in great number downtown and have good fun for the whole family. The markets (markts) are very busy and interesting each with their own unique attraction. The carnival rides were way too dangerous for me to consider riding. I listened to a guy read Red Riding Hood (in German) to a crowd of all ages nearly all drinking gluhwein (aka Glogg or Mullwine). Gluhwein is very tasty (festive taste) and can be either cheap or expensive depending on what it's made of and how much profit the vendor wishes to make. Either way drunkenness ensues for hilarious result.

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First Class in a Direct ICE from Copenhagen, DK to Berlin, DE

I delayed buying my connecting ticket from Copenhagen, DK to Berlin, DE, so the only tickets left were First Class on a direct ICE. The next second class ticket would leave 5 hours later and arrive 10 hours later. I decided to spring the extra 50€ for first class to Berlin. I mean, why not?

First class is not worth the extra price obviously unless you are in a hurry or have a laptop. Oh wait, I have a laptop, I plugged in and had a fun 7 hour trip coding many fun projects.

The approximate route

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Photos of Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, DK

Locally known as København

Copenhagen is a bustling metropolis, a travel hub on an island with a free spirit that many travelers seek. Though I nearly died there, I had an excellent time and had great fun at the local 24/7 gaming cafe, twice. Since trains often arrive after the last connecting train has left, many travelers must stay the night in Copenhagen.

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