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July 28, 2015

Update July 29, 2015


My research into polynomials has led to a 3x3 captcha solver today. It's very fast. My next attempt will be a 6x6 captcha solver.

4:39 PM - 29 Jul 2015

Rather than discuss something important or release something interesting, I thought I'd release a piece of non-music audio for the purpose of demonstrating a new breakthrough I've made in sample production and artificial intelligence research. I have automated the process of creating samples based on polynomials. It's a very streamlined process which has produced the below samples. They aren't meant to be musical, so don't complain. Also their volume is way too high so you should turn down your volume before listening to them.

Each are 6 minutes long and it's pretty obvious what the theme is. It doesn't change drastically. That's because it's not music. What is shows is a simple algorithm.

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First Night Back in São Paulo

Customs in Brasil is way easy. They confused me for a moment speaking too quickly but switched to English when I failed to respond. They weren't impressed by my clif bars. The bus to Paulista is hourly and 30 real. A cab would have been sixty in comparison. The bus would have held my bike, I'm regretting leaving it in Seattle now.

It's warm and wet in São Paulo now and the forecast is wet too. I need a plastic bag to put my stuff in because my bag isn't waterproof.

I'm glad to be back, but I must say that I'm wondering why I'm here. To learn, to make friends and to improve my life by using my vacation wisely.

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