Dec 24, 2012

AI3 is officially in beta. Hooray! Start testing when you get a free minute. Send any bug reports to me. I am so excited to work on them and respond to you.

What is AI3? The way that I usually describe it is like an inverse thesaurus. Instead of finding a synonym or antonym for a word, you find the most likely word to put afterward and the context of that word. You can also find sentences that use two words. If you're stuck on a word, check out a few hundred uses of that word. Unlike Google, most of the results are not sorted by popularity. They're sorted by position in the database.

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Dec 13, 2012

Some of you may be excited to hear that I am finally on the brink of releasing a very interesting website. How interesting? It has kept my interest for weeks even though some of it is hard and some of it is annoying.

gzip -l ~/ai3_db_backup_20121211_ram2.gz
         compressed        uncompressed  ratio uncompressed_name
         1137167097           403791553 -181.6% /home/jvoss/ai3_db_backup_20121211_ram2

zcat ~/ai3_db_backup_20121211_ram2.gz | grep -e ^INSERT -e ^LOCK -e ^UNLOCK |wc
   4716  642299 4698740275

It's alright if you don't understand what the above means. The first one shows a bug I found in gzip where when you try to find out how large something is when it's bigger than 4GB uncompressed, it wraps and gives you a small number and a negative compression ratio. It's not a vulnerability so don't worry about it. The second one shows that there is about 4.7 GB of interesting data in that file.

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